Music Video to my song "Mental Junkyard" from my latest 16 track album release

About the album  MENTAL JUNKYARD

I can't really explain what I've been through in the process of writing this whole album. It's been 4 long years, I moved 4 times since I began writing this album. Several times through the writing process I've been in phases of trying to understand why I am doing all of this and if it would not be better to just change and do other things with my life, things that are easier. Over time I realized that that was often some sort of fight or flight response and I was weak and to scared to be hurt because this just means and always ment the world to me. 

Working on this album I unearthed all that was buried in me, I befriended my past and everything you would normally call "bad times". So to say I met with my triumph, I also met with my disaster and accepted both just the way they are to healthily move on. It was never easy at all. 

This is music from the bottom of my heart, my grip on life, often the last safe place for my mind, the key to my mind, my heart and what I hold most dearly close to me. Life tested me over and over again, many times in life outside circumstances and long built up toxic experiences tried to take it away from me and tested me deep down to my inner core. 

I am happy to share my art with all of you and I hope you download/stream/put it all in your car stereo USB stick. Carry me with you if you like what you hear, that would mean the world to me. 

Thank you for being here to listen and read, it's been an tremendous amount of work to get here and I believe everyone is capable of chasing after his dreams. Even if you don't have a clear direction of them, you mostly know which step to take to get closer to yourself and your dreams - you are worth it. 

If you are unsure and need an ear or advice, send me a message. I am happy to listen to your story and inspiration. 

Still reading? I love you. 
Shine through, dont let the hate slow you down. 

Thank you for being here 

released December 21, 2018

Art: Erik Kirchner (
Guest background vocals on "The Pillars" by my friend: Svilen Viktorov
Guest Solo part on "Crave For New Colours" by my friend: Jan Dewald



Picture a guy in a home music studio all alone going crazy with instruments, ideas and production for over 10 years
That's pretty much me

Caynug is a one man band consisting of me alone, it's my musical outlet.
I mash sounds, genres, I experiment, write, play, record, produce and engineer everything in caynug

This is music from the bottom of my heart, my grip on life, quite often the last safe place for my mind and I hope you enjoy and maybe even stay! I certainly would be happy!

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Mental Junkyard (2018)

Inner Dissonance (2014)