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This is Caynug

Caynug - Miasma // FULL 7 TRACK ALBUM STREAM


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Free download (pay what you want) + Instrumental Version is available here:

CD's of the regular version AND instrumental version is available here:


About this album: 

I tried to challenge myself once again and only use my bass guitar as my main music composing tool (apart from the song "Miasma" and "I Want To Stay"). 

What you hear is mostly distorted bass guitars.

The vocals follow a more either motivating or melancholic way of expression on this record. 

I threw alot of emotion, thoughts and feelings into this. It was definitely worth it to loudly unbury many of those restless thoughts and feelings.


Directed and edited by: Caynug (Dominik Kowalczyk)

Stock Footage from Mitch Martinez

Album art: Benjamin Rijsdijk